Maidstone Road
St. Mary’s Platt
Nr Sevenoaks
TN15 8JY
01732 882596
School Secretaries:
Allison Stephenson and Jackie Hallett
Headteacher: Hannah Walters
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Open Morning for Reception 2019 and 2020
Thursday 1st November 2018 9.30am-10.30am

The Contract Dining Company are going to serve a Remembrance Day lunch on Thursday, 8th November. The cost is £2.30.  Please view the menu here.


Cake Raffle - Please support the weekly event, tickets are no longer sold in the playground but you can purchase tickets in advance. Please contact the PTA directly to pre pay (PlattPTA at   where at = @) or send money to school in a clearly marked envelope before the raffle is drawn each Friday morning during assembly. Tickets are 50p for a strip of tickets.