Our Approach

As a school we feel that Mental Health and Wellbeing is central to all we do. Without these fundamentals children do not learn as effectively. We actively work with children and staff to help build this foundation in life.

Our core values of Care, Learn and Forgive are equal and we feel that care both physically and mentally is just  as important to academic learning in school.

This year has seen some challenges for everyone, Covid Lockdown, isolation, pressures and many more. We know this is impacting our children and community. As a school we continue to develop the 'Tribal' approach where we work together to build a school family of support; where all have a feeling of belonging and security. 

We give daily time to reflection which enables all of our children and team to think about and celebrate the successes of the day, and also to voice concerns so that support can be put in place straight away. We have reflection areas that the children built together where they can share their reflections in writing and have a 'safe place' to share their feelings.

As a school we believe in the power of sport and physical activity to aid mental wellbeing. Being part of a team and having the opportunity to try new activities together builds our pupil sense of togetherness which again supports their feeling of belonging within our school.

We also try and develop Acts of Kindness through community work and raising awareness of kindness and its impact. We have developed a food bank donation station where the children donate to those less fortunate. We have raised funds and given gifts to our elderly neighbours to make them smile. We want to focus on the positives that this difficult year have given us to help others.

The whole school team are currently training with Place2Be to become Mental Health Champions. This will ensure we all know how to offer support to our community and are aware of current developments. The HT is a qualified Mental Health First Aider and so is our local vicar who can offer support. We have staff who are trained and available to offer wellbeing and emotional support in school as well links to external agencies when required.

Below we will add resources that offer support and helpful ideas that we hope will help at his challenging time.


Express yourself: Children’s Mental Health Week toolkit : Mentally Healthy Schools




Free Resources Archives - ELSA Support (elsa-support.co.uk)


This link goes to our CORAM SCARF home learning support. We use this approach in school and the children will be familiar with these resources:

 SCARF at Home - Keeping Happy and Healthy During Lockdown - special Share Your Scarf edition! (coramlifeeducation.org.uk)

Below are some printable wellbeing activities that you could also complete as a family: