Term Dates

Term Dates 2021-22

Term 1

September 1st  and 2nd- Moving day for new school- No Children

September  3rd and 6th- Whole school INSET - No Children

September 7th- Autumn Term Starts- Children in y1-6

September 8th- Reception cohort start fulltime

October 22nd- Autumn Term Finishes

Term 2

November 1st - Autumn 2 Term starts

December 17th- Autumn 2 Term Finishes

Term 3

January 4th - INSET- No children

January 5th- Spring Term Starts

February 11th- Spring Term Finishes

Term 4

February 21st - INSET- No Children

February 22nd- Spring 2 Term Starts

April 1st- Spring 2 Term Finishes

Term 5

April 19th- Summer Term Starts

May 27th- Summer Term Finishes

Term 6

June 6th- Summer 2 Term Starts

July 21st- Summer 2 Term Finishes

July 22nd- INSET -No children


These dates are all subject to change.

A meet the teacher session will happen in Term 1. Parents Evening in Term 3-4. Reports in Term 6.