Term Dates

Term Dates 2020-21

Term 1 01/09/2020- 23/10/2020 INSET DAYS 1st and 2nd September 2020. Children to start back 3rd September

Term 2 02/11/2020- 18/12/2020

Term 3 04/01/2021- 12/02/2021 INSET DAY 4th January 2021. Children to start back on 5th January.

Term 4  22/02/2021- 01/04/2021 INSET DAY 22nd February 2021. Children to start back on 23rd February.

Term 5 19/04/2021- 28/05/2021 

Term 6 07/06/2021- 21/07/2021 INSET DAY 7th June 2021. Children to start back on 8th June.

Other key dates

Each term classes will invite families in to school to celebrate the learning they have completed. 

A meet the teacher session will happen in term 1 *please not that this may be online due to Covid-19 situation

Parents afternoon / evening will happen in term 3. Date to be confirmed.

Reports will be given in term 6.


(Please note all dates are subject to change)


Term Dates 2021-22

Term 1

September 1st - Moving day for new school- No Children

September 2nd and 3rd- Whole school INSET - No Children

September 6th- Autumn Term Starts- Children in

October 22nd- Autumn Term Finishes

Term 2

November 1st - Autumn 2 Term starts

December 17th- Autumn 2 Term Finishes

Term 3

January 4th - INSET- No children

Januray 5th- Spring Term Starts

February 11th- Spring Term Finishes

Term 4

February 21st - INSET- No Children

February 22nd- Spring 2 Term Starts

April 1st- Spring 2 Term Finishes

Term 5

April 19th- Summer Term Starts

May 27th- Summer Term Finishes

Term 6

June 6th- Summer 2 Term Starts

July 21st- Summer 2 Term Finishes

July 22nd- INSET -No children


These dates are all subject to change.