If you would like to contact the P.T.A, please use the following email address:
PlattPTA at outlook.com      Please replace at with @

A warm welcome to all new parents and carers. Reminders for your diaries:

The PTA AGM will be held on 26 September at 7:30pm  and this is where we re-elect committee members for the year.  All parents and teachers are welcome at this meeting.
The AGM will begin with an informal cheese and wine event (funded by the PTA) and will give parents the opportunity to come along and ask questions and find out more about being part of the fund raising team and where the money goes.   All parents are welcome to the cheese & wine and to stay for the AGM regardless of whether you are looking for an active /committee member role. So please do come along and learn more about the PTA and our fundraising.

The School Christmas Fair is on Saturday 7 December

Cake Raffle - Please support the weekly event, tickets are no longer sold in the playground but you can purchase tickets in advance. Please contact the PTA directly to pre pay (PlattP at outlook.com    - where at = @) or send money to school in a clearly marked envelope before the raffle is drawn each Friday morning during assembly. Tickets are 50p for a strip of tickets. Cake Raffle will start from next Friday 13 September.

P.T.A. Newsletter October 2018

Minutes of P.T.A. meeting September 2018

Ways in which you can help your PTA to raise funds.
Easy Fundraising
Did you know that whenever you buy anything online - from your weekly shop to your annual holiday - you could be raising a free donation for Platt School PTA?
All you need to do is:
1. Go to: www.easyfundraising.org.uk
2. Create an account and select Platt School PTA as the cause you wish to support.
3. Every time you shop online, go to your Easyfundraising account first, search for the retailer you want, follow the link and start shopping.
4. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to the PTA for no extra cost whatsoever!
My Name Tags
My Name Tags donates 20% from every order placed to the School’s PTA. So next time you need to order name tags why not use My Name Tags and help us raise funds.
All you need to do is:
1. Order online at www.MyNametags.com
2. At checkout use the School ID: 27010
Please don’t use the name of the school, as the system will be unable to allocate the funds.
What is the PTA?  The Platt Primary School Parent Teacher Association - or PTA - is a charitable organisation which raises money to support the School.    
As parents and carers who have children in the School, you are automatically members of the PTA.  That means you have the right to say how the PTA is run, the events it holds and, most importantly, how the money is spent.  
What is the committee?  The committee is an elected group of 6 -12 members that act as trustees of the charity and representatives of the parents and teachers; they involve themselves in organising events, supporting and liaising with the school and voting on how money is invested.    
If you would like to get involved, please join us at the AGM to find out more. You do not have to be a committee member to attend meetings; taking an active role in the PTA is a great way to get to know other parents and to help the children and teachers by supporting school events.  It also ensures that the needs of your children's class are voiced. It is just as important for parents of Reception children to come along as is it for those who have had a longer connection with the School. 
Why do we need a PTA to raise money for the school?  You may feel that school funding should all be from the Local Education Authority; however, the LEA provides a limited budget and the money can only be used within given guidelines.  The money raised by the PTA is not subject to these guidelines and so the parents and teachers can choose together how best to spend PTA funds on the facilities and extras that we all feel are so important. 
The only restriction on how the money is used is that it should advance the education of the children. This is done directly by providing equipment and activities that could not otherwise be afforded and indirectly by encouraging relationships between the Governors, the staff, the parents and the community in which we live.