200 Club



You have the chance to win either £50 First prize or £25 Second Prize every month for the next twelve months and at Christmas the prizes increase to £100 and £50! Some lucky members have won more than once during the last few months.

Don’t forget you can increase your chances by buying additional numbers.

The school and children have benefitted from the money generated by the 200 Club. Due to the school being Voluntary Aided we have an obligation to pay from the Governors fund 10% of all capital projects undertaken at the school. The 200 club together with other governor fundraising events helps raise the necessary 10%.

If you would like to join the 200 Club, the application form is below which can be completed and sent back to the school office. The 200 Club year runs from October 2018 to September 2019 so please ensure that your form is returned by 15th October 2018 to maximise your chance of winning.

If you have any questions regarding the 200 Club, please don't hesitate to contact Bridget Jeffrey, who is working on behalf of Platt School Governors' 200 Club, via the School office.

Please click here for the 200 Club Form
1. The number of shares shall be limited to 200.
2. Each member will agree to subscribe £1.00 per month for a period of one year (£12 per year) per number held. There is no limit on the amount of numbers which can be held.
3. Subscriptions are to be paid in advance by standing order, cheque or cash.
4. Standing orders will be taken on 31st October annually until written notice is given to cancel.
5. Cheques are to be made payable to Platt Primary School Governors’ Fund.
6. There will be 11 monthly draws for the following prizes:
1st prize £50
2nd prize £25
In addition there will be an annual draw in December:
1st prize £100
2nd prize £50
7. Members in arrears will not be eligible to take part in the draw.
8. The draw will take place on the third Monday each month (or the nearest convenient date) and the results will be published in the next school newsletter.
9. Cheques will be distributed during the following month. If the winning number is held by a child then the cheque will made payable to the adult who entered them in the draw.
10. On receipt of a completed application form and standing order mandate / payment your membership number(s) will be issued.
11. The Governors reserve the right to adjust the number and value of prizes should they consider it justified.