Our Behaviour Approach

Relationships are central to what we do!

We work with children to build relationships and respect across the school. This culture enables children to develop their own behaviour understanding. We support this by rewarding children who make great choices with Megastars. When children gain 25 of these they visit the Headteacher and receive a small reward, a postcard home and the visual recognition by adding a house point token to their house.
When children hit key targets they also get choices to have a cream tea with their parents and the Headteacher or be a Headteacher for an hour, wear their own clothes or have a celebration lunch with friends.
To support children to make the right choices we also have a traffic light system. 
Our policies on behaviour can be found here:



'We forgive when someone does something wrong.' 

Reception Pupil, 2020



'I use the valule of forgiveness to show I am sorry by changing my actions.'

Year 6 Pupil, 2020

House System

This year we have added an additional behaviour incentive to address the impact of Covid bubbles in our school. The whole school has been divided into houses and children and their house can gather house points to work towards house rewards.

We have 4 houses which pupils decided upon. Year 6 pupils will act as house captains following and election process.

Platt C of E House Names

Why have we chosen trees?

In July 2021 we asked members of our community to think about house names that represented our school and vision. Our pupils had many ideas which were almost all linked to environmental work and planet protection. 

As part of our vision for the school we believe that ‘Each child should be able to ‘Live life in its fullness’ (John 10:10). Children are provided with an inclusive Christian education that nurtures individual talents and provide memorable and nurturing learning opportunities, to become the best they can be, both academically and socially. Our children are articulate and confident to challenge others and protect the amazing world God created for them and future generations’.

Trees has been chosen for our house names as Trees are varied and mixed, like our pupils, but that they can stand together in a woodland, again like our pupils. Each family of trees has its own qualities and strengths, like our pupils, and will remind us of qualities we can bring to the school.

Finally, trees have been chosen as they will focus our environmental work and remind us all that we have a role in protecting our amazing world God created for us and ensuring it is there for the future.


Beech (Blue)

Oak (Green)

The beech tree is monumental, majestic, home to rare wildlife. It is an enchanting species and known as Queen on British trees. To wander beneath the leafy canopy, its cathedral-like branches spreading upwards, is an awe-inspiring experience.

We have chosen this to represent the work we do with the Church and remind us of our close connection.

The Oak is traditionally known as the symbol of strength. The English Oak is known as the ruling majesty of the woods and has often been the tallest tree in the woodland. It holds a special place in our culture, history and hearts. It is known to support more diversity than any other native tree in the UK.

We have chosen this to represent our strength and the power we have in supporting diversity in our community.


Ash (Yellow)

Hazel (Red)

One of our most beloved of trees and known as ‘The Tree of Life’. Tall and graceful they often grow together, offering each other protection and forming a domed canopy.

We have chosen this to represent our team work and support of each other.

Hazel is known as the conservation saviour as well as the tree of knowledge. Its branches are often coppiced and used to produce buildings and fences, whereas its nuts provide food to animals big and small.

We have chosen this to represent our conservation work locally and nationally and remind us that our knowledge should be used to protect our planet for the future.


Why do we have houses?

We hope that by having house activities children will get to know children throughout the school, not just in their class. This will enable them to feel connected across the school. As part of house competitions, the children will work together and celebrate together.

Throughout school we will continue to have Megastars for individual achievements, but these will also contribute towards house awards, showing the children that their individual achievements reward their wider team too. For every 25 individual megastars the children will be allowed to add a house token for their house. Once per team these will be counted, and the winning house will have a reward. A display of these house points will be in the centre of school for all to see.

We will also have house captains in Year 6 who will develop leadership skills in preparation for secondary school and beyond. Each year these will be elected by the houses.