Our Behaviour Approach

Relationships are central to what we do!

We work with children to build relationships and respect across the school. This culture enables children to develop their own behaviour understanding. We support this by rewarding children who make great choices with Megastars. When children gain 25 of these they visit the Headteacher and receive a small reward, a postcard home and the visual recognition by moving up our school rainbow. 
When children hit key targets they also get choices to have a cream tea with their parents and the Headteacher or be a Headteacher for an hour, wear their own clothes or have a celebration lunch with friends.
To support children to make the right choices we also have a traffic light system. 
Our policies on behaviour can be found here:



'We forgive when someone does something wrong.' 

Reception Pupil, 2020



'I use the valule of forgiveness to show I am sorry by changing my actions.'

Year 6 Pupil, 2020