Guided Reading

Our Intent

We want our children to develop an enjoyment in books, a pleasure of reading and to become inquisitive, engaged and enthusiastic learner's when exploring both fiction and non fiction books. We believe this will allow our pupils to 'Live life in all its fullness' (John 10:10) and have the literacy skills and knowledge to be articulate and confident to challenge and protect the amazing world God created for them and future generations.


Our Implementation

We are developing whole class reading strategy to expose our children to a diverse range of texts from different genres, sometimes beyond the levels of which the children can read independently. This exposes the children to texts that will engage and enthuse, and enable them to hear new language and to challenge their capabilties. Texts will be chosen to captivate and excite pupils. They will be from a diverse array of authors and on various subjects and we will regularly refresh these to ensure they are topical and engaging. We will also ensure that some childhood classics are covered to build the love of literature.

Teachers will work at various levels to teach the skills of retrieval, scrutiny and inference. On some days children will read at length to build endurance and stamina, on others they will focus upon a small passage and interogate the language and methods used by the author. Teachers will model reading with internation and expression. They will choose key language and explore this to build pupil vocabulary and understanding. Teachers will pick out passages and explore what they infer and how they know, enabling students to do the same as they develop this skill. Teachers will share their passion for reading and ignite that within our pupils.

Our Impact

Our pupils will be confident and enthused readers. They will have the stamina and skills to read challenging texts, discuss what these are about and begin to form their own opinions on texts.

Our pupils will be able to transfer the skills taught explicitly in reading lessons to other subjects, improving their own writing and vocabulary.