Music at Platt

Curriculum Intent:

We believe that the opportunity to learn and enjoy a variety of music enhances the life of our pupils, enabling them to 'Live life in all its fullness' (John 10:10). We have established a curriculum that enables children to access a wide variety of musical genres and styles, learn tuned and untuned instruments and develop an understanding of composition and musical features.

We use a nationally established programme called Charanga. This is used from Reception to Year 6 and supports progression of skills and knowledge across the school.

These lessons happen weekly within all classes.

We also have a weekly singing assembly where we learn songs together. These are often songs of worship but we also often choose non denominational songs to learn together.

Private music lessons

We are also very lucky to have Mrs Jeffrey work within school teaching clarinet and saxophone instruments in private lessons. Please contact the office should you wish to have more information on these sessions for your child.

Our Choir

We have a popular and established choir led by Miss Self. The choir meet after school and develop a range of songs. Recently they joined the national singing event 'Young Voices' at the O2.

During the covid-19 home schooling we held a virtual choir which involved the community getting involved and using singing to unite us.


Mrs Jeffrey volunteers in school to run an orchestra for older pupils to engage with a instrument. This is a great element to school life and enables our pupils to develop working together as an ensemble.

*At present this is unable to happen in school due to the social distancing measures in place but we hope that these will soon be able to restart.