Personal, Social and Health Education / Relationships and Sex Education

We believe that children should have an experience of a wide selection of lifestyles, families and cultures in order to develop understanding and tolerance towards those different from themselves. In order to do this we have developed a diverse curriculum that tackles a variety of issues; from racism to gender equality, from social deprivation to charity work, we hope to build each pupils' understanding of their place and impact within a wide and diverse society.

We are using an approach developed by CORAM SCARF to teach discreet PSHE and RSE lessons as well as through our core curriculum text choices (please see our curriculum for more details)

Teachers will share topics with families via Class Dojo and prior to RSE lessons families will be informed of the content in order to support pupil understanding further.


Please see the link for the long term coverage we will use.

Further information can be viewed on class pages and within the RSE policy