Reception at Platt

The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) curriculum and provision at our school is vital in ensuring that each child has the firm foundations for learning. We believe in teaching children how to learn and throughout the provision offered, opportunities planned and routines of the day we will encourage the children to become part of our school; fully immersed in the values of Caring for each other, Learning together and Forgiving one another.

We play, we have fun and we learn! If your child comes home and says they have played all day then we are doing our job well. 

As with the wider school we teach termly topics based around key texts. The children will learn about the book and its themes, and extend their understanding to the world in which they live in. Teachers will share further details of what will happen each term.

As a school we have a big emphasis on the positive impact of outdoor learning and this has stemmed from the great opportunities seen within the early life of school. Children will have access to outdoors throughout the day, in all weathers and we strongly believe that this is very important to the development of the whole child.

Our early curriculum is based on 4 key principles:

A unique child

Positive relationships

Enabling environments

Learning and development.

Full information can be found in the EYFS policy.

We believe that the home-school relationship is exceptionally important and will regularly use Tapestry to share learning in school with families. Families are also asked to contribute by sharing what you have done together at home.

 Please also see the Curriculum page for further information