Year 1

Year 1 

At Platt our year one class is called Explorer class. We explore the world we live in and learn all about how we can make it a better place. 

Our class teacher is Mr Hale  and our teaching assistant is called Mrs Dervish.

We have a fantastic classroom and outdoor area which we use everyday.

This year we will be basing our topic and literacy learning on some wonderful new books. These are

Autumn 1- Astro Girl

Autumn 2- The Dark

Spring 1- The Last Wolf

Spring 2- Rapunzel

Summer 1- The Storm Whale

Summer 2- The adventures of the egg box dragon


Within year one children build the firm foundations for their school career. We have mapped out our expectations across the school and below are those for Year 1. Children should be at least expected level by the summer term of the year.

Autumn 1

This term we will be reading the story Astro Girl written by Ken Wilson. The theme of this story is all about outer space and our Solar System. We will be learning about the planets that make up our Solar System and venturing into making our own space mobiles in class.

Throughout our space topic we will be learning about famous astronauts that have travelled to space as well as writing space postcards to our friends. These post cards will be centred around our learning of outer space. At the end of the Term we will invite you in to read some of our amazing writing focused on space while eating space cookies.