Year 4

Year 4 class

We are the Adventurer class and we learn all about the adventures of people past and present to help us learn about the world in which we live in. We learn how we can try new things and challenge what is happening to make our world a better place.

Our class teacher is Miss Jeffrey and we have help from Mrs Gillham and Mrs Sutton.

This year we will be learning our topic subjects through some exciting books. The books we will look at are:

Autumn 1 - The boy at the back of the class

Autumn 2- The iron man

Spring 1- I was a rat!

Spring 2- The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane

Summer 1- Mama Miti

Summer 2- The great Kapok tree


In Year 4 we build our stamina and deepen our understanding of the ks2 curriculum. Below you will see the curriculum break down for areas. We would expect that all children should achieve 'expected' level by summer term.

Autumn 1

This term we are reading ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class’ a story about a Syrian refugee and the friends he makes once he arrives at school in London and the adventures they get up to. This book is inspiring our learning for History, Geography and Art. We will be creating our own maps, researching Ancient Islamic Civilisations, and designing our own protest art. We will we working towards making our own episode of Newsround, reporting on issues and struggles faced by refugees.  We have already created mosaics inspired by ancient Islamic art and tried Syrian food. Additionally, we are learning about sound in science, with the children conducting their own investigations into how sound is made. In maths this term we are working on place value and numbers.

We have been having lots of fun together during lock down.