Year 5

Year 5 Class

Year 5 class are the Voyagers of the school. We look at how we travel through our learning journey at school and how we can use our learning to make the world a better place for everyone.

Our teachers are Mrs Joshi and Mrs Adrian. We also have help from lots of lovely teaching assistants; Mrs Palling, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Ashenden and Mrs Gilham.

We are learning through some exciting books this year:

Autumn 1 -Suffragette- The battle of equality

Autumn 2- The Journey

Spring 1 & 2 - Treason

Summer 1- The Matchbox Diary

Summer 2- Rooftoppers

In year 5 we begin to prepare our children for their secondary career by building on y3 and y4 knowledge and skills. Below is the expectations for Y5. We would expect all children to be at least expected standard by the end of the summer term.

Autumn 1

This term we will be looking at a fascinating period during the Edwardian era; examining the role of women in society until they were eligible to vote in 1918. Activities will culminate in a mini protest, marching through the village and giving speeches from opposing parties. Our art and DT will focus on the works of David Roberts, and we will be investigating how art can be used as a method of protest.

In Maths, we will be consolidating the children’ s knowledge of place value and calculations through a variety of activities and games.

Science, through practical activities wherever possible, will be taught once a week, this term we will be learning about where materials come from and their properties.