'The effective partnerships between teachers and teaching assistants help ensure that the varied needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), are well met.' OFSTED 2019 

Welcome to the SEND information page

If you wish to discuss SEND support at our school, please do not hesitate to contact Justine Smith, our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENDCo) or Samantha Hawkins (SEND Assistant) on 01732 882596. This includes concerns/queries about your child's social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and wellbeing. 

Statement of intent for our SEND support: 

At Platt C of E Primary School, we are committed to being an inclusive environment, we want all of our children to be supported to reach their potential. We strive to develop a community that includes all by reinforcing these ideals through the culture, policies and practices. We have developed an environment that supports the needs of all children experiencing barriers to their learning in the four areas of need. 

1. Communication and interaction 
2. Cognition and learning 
3. Social, emotional and mental health 
4. Sensory and physical 

All children learn in different ways and at different rates and our learning environment caters for all through quality first teaching and informed staff. Support may be needed short term or long term and provision is reviewed and evaluated frequently. It is essential to be aware of the present needs of the children and respond accordingly. We are proud to have a thorough support system for emotional needs and promote the importance that well-being plays on a child’s ability to learn given the current circumstances. In addition, we follow a rigorous speech and language assessment programme for all new entrants to ensure that there is early support in place for those children with any communication difficulties. 
As a team, we believe that communication plays the most important role in supporting our children most effectively. 

Please see our Annual SEND report (attached below) as well as our SEND policy (listed in the policies section of the website) to learn more about the support available at Platt C of E Primary School.


Useful links and information for parents 

Mainstream Core Standards guide for parents ( 

Special Educational Needs and Disability Guide for Parents and Carers 


Your child’s School Health Service 

When your child started school, the School Health Service, provided by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust took over their health care from the Health Visiting Service. They will continue to look after them until they are 19. 

Who are they? 

The school health teams are made up of school nurses, who are qualified nurses with specialist training in public health. They work closely with schools, health visitors, community pediatricians and other local community services. 

What do they do? 

The team works hard to improve the general health and wellbeing of children, young people and their families and they do this in many ways, at home, in school and at community based venues. 

The service they provide has been designed with the involvement of children, young people and their parents and carers. They are responsible for delivering national child health initiatives such as: 

  • Health assessments for children in reception and in year 6 to help parents or carers identify anything that may impact on a child’s ability to achieve their potential 
  • Vision and hearing screening 
  • Immunisations 
  • National Child Measurement programme

They can also offer support and advice regarding the following:

  • daytime and night time wetting and soiling 
  • behaviour management 
  • healthy eating and lifestyle 
  • emotional health and wellbeing 
  • puberty and growing up 
  • stopping smoking 
  • drug and alcohol misuse 
  • sleep 
  • complex health needs. 

How to contact your child’s School Health Service 

The team is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, including during the school holidays. 

They can be contacted by parents, teachers, children and young people and other health care professionals such as GPs. 

0300 123 4496 


Does your child have Dyslexia?

Below are useful contact details for further information.


Kent West Dyslexia Association

General Enquiries: 0345 601 2553.
Available: Answerphone



Dyslexia House Association

Helpline: 07578 341 896

Available Monday to Friday 10am - 3pm