How Our School Was Built

Pictures of the work on site...very exciting!!

The site is making progress with lots of diggers and builders on site.

The cut and fill process is almost complete. A soakaway (drainage) crate has been installed and backfilled and some very large manholes are now in place!


Our amazing head boy and girl officially opened the build with our local MP Tom Tugenhadt.

Work continues- foundations are poured!

This week the site has been busy. Fencing has been added to the site, the foundations have been poured and the cut and fill has continued!

New year progress.

This week the inspection chamber has been put in place and even in the mud and rain the site continues to move forward.

The building beginning to be cut out

We have just visited a very muddy site and it is really beginning to take shape. Excitingly the walls of our school are also now being built which is very exciting!

Rain Rain Rain!

This week the team on site have had to battle the rain. This has caused lots of problems but they are still making good progress.

See attached update photos for the week.

Drone views

The site is moving ahead well and the ground works... the next few weeks will be very exciting.

Retaining walls and slab laying

This week the large retaining walls have been poured. The footprint of the school building has been prepared for the slab laying and drains are in place.

The footprint is complete!

The footprint of our school is now clearly visible and the concrete pour is almost complete. In the coming weeks the school will fly up which will be very exciting.



Week 1 of panel installation

This week the walls of our school have began to be lifted into place. All of the children have visited the site to witness this moment in history!

The crane is enormous and can be seen for quite some distance!

After just 4 days we already have a D&T classroom, year 1,2,3 and 4!

The shell of the building is almost complete!

The contractors have been working around the clock to put together the wooden structure. The whole footprint is complete and the walls are almost in. A few more days of the crane on site and then we will be moving onto fittings and cladding. 

I am now able to walk into classrooms and see the space and the light which is magnificent.

I am also meeting with numerous contractors to agree our play area space which is very exciting.... watch for further updates.

Take a look inside!!

Today I visited the inside of the site for the first time since the roof has been installed. The space is glorious!!!


Year 1

Year 1

Year 2

Year 2

Year 3

Year 3

Year 4

Year 4

Year 5

Year 5

Year 6

Year 6

School hall

School hall

Classroom kitchen

Classroom kitchen

Library space

Library space

Moving along nicely

This week we have seen the roof is almost completed. Classrooms are beginning to be painted and the fencing is being installed.


The inside is coming together!!

The inside of the building is now being decorated and all of the ICT wiring is in place. The outdoor areas can now be clearly seen ready for installation of our equipment.

School Hall

This will be our school hall

The green area is our new library

This is the view from one end of the school corridor to the other

This is the new office area

Year 4 Classroom space

The school footprint and playground areas

Final few weeks and it is all coming together!

Progress on the site is really coming together. As school closes the end is in sight and grounds workers, final decorators and snagging begins.

Sinks and toilets are in, floors need the final covering and it all just needs a good tidy... but the space is amazing!!

Our D and T room and rear access

KS1 and reception classrooms

Interior of Y4 Classroom

Our reflection garden space. A shelter will be erected and we will be able to enjoy some quiet time

Where our allotment space will be- children growing and cooking is so key to our curriculum

Library area in the middle of the school building. Reading at the heart of all we do!

The staff room

Interior of y5

Multi Use Games Area

Our lovely big new hall

We are in!!