Our Staff

'We have amazing teachers that will help you learn and take the time to understand you.' 

Year 3 Pupil, 2020






Platt C of E Staff List 2020


Leadership team

Headteacher- Mrs Jenna Crittenden

DHT / KS2 lead  – Mrs Karen Dyson

SENDCo/ PP lead - Mrs Justine Smith

Co KS1 lead- Mrs Maria Wright and Mrs Hannah Page



Teaching team

Pioneer Class - Mrs Karen Dyson

Voyagers Class – Miss Georgina Self

Adventurers Class - Mrs Angela Joshi and Mrs Kath Barton

Inventors Class - Mrs Mandy Toombs

Astronauts Class - Miss Billie Cockell

Explorers Class - Mrs Maria Wright and Mrs Hannah Page

Pirates Class - Mr Jamie Hale


Learning Support Team

Mrs Ashenden, Mrs Boswell, Mrs Dervish, Mrs Dyer, Mrs Frampton, Mrs Hawkins,

Mrs Richards, Mrs Riseborough, Mrs Ritter, Miss Sutton, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Palling


Office and Administration Team

Mrs Petrucci ,Mrs Hallett and Mrs Brogan




The effective partnerships between teachers and teaching assistants help and ensure that the varied needs of all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well met’   OFSTED 2019