Us as a church school - What does this mean?

Platt C of E Primary school is proud to be a church school. We have Christian values of Care, Learn and Forgive which we feel help guide our pupils and community to improve the world in which we live.

Our guiding statement 'Live life in all its fullness' John 10:10 has been chosen to ensure that we help all children leave us with the skills they need to live their life to the full. Our curriculum and opportunities are also designed around this principle, ensuring a variety of tasks and content.

Each day we meet collectively for a worship. This can be whole school, in classrooms or with our partner year groups. The children are brought together to learn about stories from the bible and how these can be used to help live our lives. The children are invited to join collective prayers and our older children are encouraged to lead prayer and elements of worship.

We have shared words which the adults and children use each day:

Our worship greeting is

The worship leader reads : The Lord is with us

All return : Let us praise his name together

The worship leader reads : Show us your paths, O Lord

All return: And teach us your ways


We also have a closing prayer each day. This helps the children leave worship feeling ready to use our values to do our best that day.


We visit our local church regularly and have our Vicar in school to lead worship. The children are asked to take part in worships and lead these throughout the year. An example of this is our Christmas and Easter services where we invite our whole school community.