Year 3

Year 3 Home-based Learning




1st June 2020


The theme this week is Kent.


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 Home Learning - Kent 





Reading, punctuation and grammar


Read the postcard above from Vanessa. Read it through a few times and practise for fluency.

Vanessa has used the present tense, past tense and future tense in her postcard. See if you can spot all three.


Verbs in the past tense. Most verbs in the past tense add-ed. For example walk-walked, help-helped. But there are others that don’t. Investigate how to change these verbs into the past tense: hop, grab, slip, stop, hum, grip. You could write them in a list. Try to work out the rule. What do you have to do to change them into the past tense?


Read the postcard again and think of three questions you would like to ask Vanessa about her holiday. Remember to use capital letters and question marks. Check the spelling of your question words.


Read the postcard again and then use what is said to draw what you think is on the front of the postcard. You could imagine she has already been on the boat trip and seen the fireworks…







Imagine you have been lucky enough to go on a safari holiday to Africa! Look at the postcard above and list all the nouns-things-you can see. If you are not sure how to spell the animal names, try a dictionary if you have one at home.


You probably went on a jeep on your holiday to spot animals. I bet it was really bumpy. Write three sentences about the jeep journey. Make sure it is in the past tense. For example-Today we went out in the jeep and it was so thrilling….


Imagine you were lucky enough to see the ‘big five’. That is the five animals in the picture. Write a list with adjectives for each animal.

For example-

Lion-fierce, muscular, powerful


What was the weather like on your safari? Write three sentences to describe the weather-remember past tense. Please don’t use the adjective hot-boring!! You might have had a storm while you were there!


Now you are ready to write your postcard. Keep it short and use all the work you have been doing this week-pick your favourite sentences. Imagine you are writing the postcard to the Inventors back in school. Tell us all about the safari! Make sure you use the correct tense.






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Lesson 2 - Multiply 2 digits by 1 digit



Lesson 3 - Divide a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number



Lesson 4 - Multiplication and division problem solving



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