Year 6

Year 6 Home Based Learning





Dear Parent/Carer,

In this pack you will find 10 daily packs of work to be completed at home (labelled Day1, Day 2, etc), which includes Mathematics, Spelling, Grammar, Reading and Topic. Should your child like some more work, please remember that they can access the Maths Dashboard (link below). Please email your class email address below if you need the password.

In addition, per our usual expectations, we would like children to be reading daily and to use a dictionary (book or online ) to look up the meanings of new words they come across. It would be great if you could take time to read a section of your child's book with them and ask them about it,  for example:

  • What just happened?
  • How do you think that character feels?  What makes you think that?
  • Why do you think that character behaved like that?
  • What do you think will happen next?  Why?
  • Can you explain what this word/phrase means?
  • What would you do if you were in that situation?
  • Are there any words which stand out to you?  Why do they stand out?
  • Why do you think the author used that type of language/those words?
  • If you were the editor, what would you change about this part of the book?  (Could relate to language, vocabulary, speech, descriptions, plot, characters involved, characters' behaviour).

For further support or information to support your child's learning, the BBC website has some excellent web pages.  For example, for further help with fractions, use a search engine like google and type in 'KS2 fractions BBC'.  Google will then find a plethora of helpful pages such as

If there are any queries regarding the work, the Year 6 team will be contactable on the following email address:

We will endeavour to respond as promptly as possible between the hours of 9am and 12pm, Monday to Friday, during any school closure.


Thank you for your support at this time, 

Mrs Scott, Mrs Barton and Mrs Thompson.


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