Class Charters 2019

General Principles of Behaviour

Governors Statement of General Principals of behaviour and discipline for Platt CEP primary school to which the head teacher is to have regard in determining any measures under section 89 (1)

(a) Promote, among pupils, self-discipline and proper regard for authority.
(b) Encourage good behaviour and respect for others on the part of pupils and, in particular, preventing all forms of bullying among pupils.
(c) Secure that the standard of behaviour of pupils is acceptable, (as determined by the head teacher).
(d) Secure that pupils complete any tasks reasonably assigned to them in connection with their education, and (e) Otherwise regulate the conduct of pupils in line with the school’s Christian ethos and statutory regulations.

Reception Class Charter

Pirates Class Charter

Rights (we want)
To learn and to play.
To feel safe in school.
To have friends.
To be listened to.

Responsibilties (we will)
To listen to teachers and each other.
To look after school equipment.
To be sensible.
To be kind to each other.
Signed Pirate Class

Year 1 Class Charter

Class Charter for Year 1

Year 2 Class Charter

Year 3 Class Charter

Class Charter for Year 4

Year 4 Class Charter
We have the right to:
Be Safe
Be Happy
Have Fun
Make Friends
Be Ourselves
Our responsibilities are: 
To be included 
to play together
to let everyone join in 
To be safe
to be sensible
to move sensibly around the school
To be yourself
Stand up for what you believe in
Do what you think is right
To learn
to strive to improve
to learn from our mistakes
To succeed
Never give up on yourself
Keep trying
To be happy
to be kind to each other
Talk to someone about your feelings 

Year 5 Class Charter

Year 6 Class Charter

We have the right to:
be told the truth
express ourselves
be safe
be trusted
be included
be respected

We have the responsibility to:
express ourselves appropriately
tell the truth
be brave and courageous
be reliable and trustworthy
include others
try our best and work hard
care for others