Our Learning Tools

The school has developed a consistent and successful approach to enhance pupils’ learning habits, called ‘Platt’s Tools’. This approach is helping pupils to be more confident about attempting more difficult tasks, for example in mathematics, without worrying about making a mistake. Pupils cooperate very well together during lessons. OFSTED 2015
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Email received from a visiting headteacher: 

"I really enjoyed visiting Platt and thought that there was some fantastic practice going on around the school. It was great to be shown around by two ambassadors of the school in Molly and Tom and they were a pleasure to talk to and were able to 'show-off' lots of interesting and good ideas around the school. Please pass on my thanks and congratulations for the way they conducted themselves and how articulate they both were during the tour.


The biggest thing that I feel was evident as I toured the school was how independent the children were in all classes and how you could see them using the 'Platt Tools' in order to enhance their learning. I can see through your enthusiasm and through the children's learning how the 'Platt Tools' have become an integral part of school life and how they are benefitting the children in their learning and how many children were able to talk about these without any prompting! Also for me, it was how you have made them personalised to the school and this is definitely something I would like to develop in order to move our BLP practice on and to ensure that all of our children here are as independent as yours appeared during my visit."



Together as a team.

Together as a team.