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Platt Church of England Primary School

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British Values


At Platt C of E Primary School we instil democratic values by holding regular elections for the school council, where pupils can nominate themselves and vote for their representatives. The school council can then have a say in decisions that affect the school community, such as fundraising activities, school rules, and charity initiatives. Teachers also promote democracy in the classroom by encouraging open discussions and debate, where all pupils have the opportunity to express their opinions and listen to others respectfully.

**Rule of Law**

We teach the importance of following rules and laws by establishing a clear and fair behaviour policy that is consistently enforced. This helps pupils understand the consequences of their actions and learn to respect each other and authority figures in society. At the start of each year, every class creates their own class agreement to ensure they have a safe and calm learning environment. Additionally, through PSHE we teach pupils about the importance of laws and how they help keep people safe.

**Individual Liberty**

Platt C of E Primary School promotes individual liberty by encouraging pupils to express themselves creatively and pursue their interests and passions. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and chess, where pupils can explore their talents and develop new skills. Teachers also foster a culture of independence and responsibility by giving pupils choices in their learning and allowing them to take ownership of their progress.

**Mutual Respect**

Respect for others is at the core of school culture. School staff model respectful behaviour by treating all pupils and each other with kindness and consideration. Our use of the restorative justice approach builds an understanding of the need for respectful behaviour towards all members of our school. We also incorporate lessons and activities that promote understanding and appreciation of different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Celebrating cultural festivals, organising multicultural events, and inviting guest speakers from diverse backgrounds can help pupils develop empathy and respect for others.

**Tolerance of Those with Different Faiths and Beliefs**

As a Church of England school, we actively promote tolerance and understanding of different faiths and beliefs by incorporating religious education into the curriculum. This involves teaching pupils about the major world religions, their customs, traditions, and festivals. We also ensure we use a range of diverse texts in our teaching and give access to these through our class and school libraries.


By actively promoting British values alongside our school values in our policies, practices, and curriculum; Platt C of E Primary School creates a supportive and inclusive learning environment where pupils feel valued, respected, and empowered to become responsible citizens in a diverse society.