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Platt Church of England Primary School

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At Platt Church of England Primary School, we pride ourselves on providing a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum which acts as a starting point to stimulate our vision and aims to shape our children for the future. Our curriculum follows our vision, in that, from small beginnings the children grow in their knowledge and skills in all areas and flourish individually, academically and spiritually. It is our intent that we create the right conditions for this growth in our classrooms, school and grounds.

We will ensure our children have a range of experiences, are able to learn from their mistakes, push themselves out of their comfort zone and be ambitious for themselves.

Following the inspiration of Jesus, children at Platt Primary flourish as they embrace opportunities to develop their own unique gifts. Our school is a family where we care for others and the world around us, we learn with enthusiasm, hope and courage and we forgive others as God forgave us. 


The Platt C of E Primary School curriculum is underpinned by key skills and essential knowledge in all subject areas and is supported by real-life contexts, memorable experiences and opportunities to develop their spirituality.

The curriculum content itself has the national curriculum at its core, with some subject curriculums designed and planned by subject leaders and others based on bought in commercial schemes. The use of quality published schemes is essential in order to manage teacher workload. These schemes have been carefully evaluated and selected, as we believe that of the available options, they most closely match our vision and intent. They are also adapted where required to meet our children’s needs.  We expect staff and pupils to think creatively about the content of our curriculum and build links between bodies of knowledge wherever possible.

We provide our children with high quality teaching that is responsive to needs, built on positive relationships, regular feedback and accurate assessment.

SEND and vulnerable pupils' provision at Platt, is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. For some children with more profound needs, a bespoke curriculum may be appropriate.


Our guiding vision statement permeates through every aspect of school life and we strive to help children leave us with the skills they need to live their life to the full. 

They will become tolerant, empathetic individuals who can manage conflict and regulate their emotions. Children will understand their place as global citizens and guardians of the natural world; valuing each other, recognising similarities and celebrating differences and taking care of the environment for theirs and future generations. They will be fluent readers, competent problem solvers with a knowledge of all faiths and religions. 

Their well-being and sense of achievement will give them the foundations for the next step in their journey.


We follow The National Curriculum which can be found in full here: National curriculum in England: primary curriculum - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Below are the Yearly Overviews for each year group.

Yearly Overview 23 24 Ambassadors Year 6

Yearly Overview 23 24 Voyagers Year 5

Yearly Overview 23 24 Adventurers Year 4

Yearly Overview 23 24 Inventors Year 3

Yearly Overview 23 24 Astronauts Year 2

Yearly Overview 23 24 Explorers Year 1

Yearly Overview 23 24 Creators EYFS